Door garden 门园


Our first home in Milan was this one with a big door facing street directly. Functioning as window also,most of its surface was made of glass, although facing north; concerning privacy, semi-transparent glass was used. There were several of them at ground floor of the building. They would have been shops, we guess.Once being renovated into private house, over intimacy between privacy and public generated embarrassment. We felt uneasy when we passed the door of neighbors, or we noticed somebody remaining in front of our door.

At the same time, we bought some small plants from supermarket. They need sun, they are not embarrassed at people, and our cat was trying to kill them. Thus, door garden was made, an effective way of growing plants vertically. Surprisingly, it softened the edge between private and public space: after it had done, many people stopped to appreciate it, especially kids; we were also happy to see that from inside,no longer wondering why they stopped.Little embarrassment remained on each side.


For furthering such little interaction, we pasted some text notes on glass to talk to passers-by, as simple as“How are you today?” One day, one of our beloved plant was stolen, we made a note, big size, with “please return it” Then we heard some grand-parents sighed:“Bad guys!”.


After all, it was a try to make the relationship between us and the neighborhood closer. Through a simple design done by and for self, we amused the others and warmed the street.