We Were Wrong about The Correct Side of Pillow Case and Bed Sheet

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It is not rare to see someone wearing t-shirt outside in, like the one below. He just discovered the mistake, feeling a bit embarrassed mentally and uncomfortable physically. Common sense strongly suggests us the correct way of wearing/producing clothes is decoration outside, if there is decoration. We need decoration to satisfy people’s eyes. The inner side that closely touches our body ensures our maximum comfort. It has to be soft, pure, and natural. In conclusion, when we wear correctly, we feel being ‘covered’, we feel warm, safe, comfortable, and confident.

However, for bedding, the other type of cloth that covers us, the rule changes. Except those single-colour-boring-beddings, our bed is more or less like the girl’s shown in the pic below. Look, her body is covered by the decoration-free side of quilt and decorated side of bed sheet, and her half face is sinking in the pillow, decorated side. Anything wrong? Probably no, but are you sure this is the most comfortable way to sleep?

Believe or not, pillow filler and mattress are more comfortable than us when we sleep. They are fully covered, while we sleep at the outside of them: well-dressed, comfortable pillow filler and mattress. Look back to the girl. Except the lucky part of body inside the quilt, she is totally exposed, touches the outside of fully covered mattress and pillow filler.

We chose the wrong side for 28 years. Today, we turned our bed sheet and pillow case inside-out and had the best sleep we’ve ever had.

Not convinced? Well, fine, but tonight, take a closer look at your bed, and sleep. You may not feel as comfortable as you usually do ;p