50 very common ways of birding

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We run in the afternoon, when birds run as well.

“We should bring binoculars!” We always say to ourselves. After missed a family of red-backed shrike playing on the power line, we finally decided to bring binoculars with us — while we run.

And we suddenly realised that, there are, of course, more than one way of birding.

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oops! | 2019

New Calendar

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Let’s say you would live for 100 years, and you would start to use calendar from day one. In this case, you would use at least 100 normal calendars, maximum 44 Calendar Rolls, or, 1 New Calendar. 

quiz: on which date was this photo taken?

And that’s not the end of the story. After 100 years, you can surely pass your New Calendar to someone else who can surely pass the no-longer-yours New Calendar further down.

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