Two Names

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For me, heaven and hell were separated by merely a single piece of paper.

When I was in primary school, I had a encyclopaedia. I loved it so much. I can read it again and again, never felt repetitive. But, I hated about turning that very page, the last one on bird. I always made myself immersed too much in the beauty of birds, unaware of being about to leave. I turned the page, expecting more birds but falling into horrible world of insects.

I couldn’t avoid to see the juicy larva.

I would throw the book away as quickly as possible. I didn’t meant to do so, but I couldn’t control.

The larva is Japanese rhinoceros beetle’s. They two were superstars in my childhood memory, the dark part.

When I grew a little bit bigger, I got to know another creature called unicorn. I found it even more beautiful than birds.

I felt very upset about its name though. It reminded me Japanese rhinoceros beetle at the first place. In Chinese, unicorn and Japanese rhinoceros beetle have two characters in common. I didn’t like it but I couldn’t ask too much because——they both have single horn up on their forehead.

What I bloodily cannot accept is the third character. The awful beetle is described as single horn fairy while the elegant unicorn, single horn beast.