50 Very Common Ways of Birding

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We run in the afternoon, when birds run as well.

“We should bring binoculars!” We always say to ourselves. After missed a family of red-backed shrike playing on the power line, we finally decided to bring binoculars with us — while we run.

And we suddenly realised that, there are, of course, more than one way of birding.

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Orange’s Mushroom

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Orange’s mushroom (Amanita citrus sinensis)

Amanita citrus sinensis, commonly known in english as orange’s mushroom. It might remind you its lovely tasted, posh but a little bit tricky cousin Amanita caesarea, commonly known in english as Caesar’s mushroom. If you happen to know Chinese, you may find that orange’s mushroom and Caesar’s mushroom unreasonably share the same name in Chinese. Nothing can be more confusing than that. Despite name and appearance, they have nothing in common.

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