Instant Holiday

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Thanks to the big window facing east, our bedroom is filled with sunshine from early morning till noon in clear days. During the period of not being too cold, say from late spring to early autumn, we would open the window and let our pillows sunbathe there.

One day, after successfully squeezing three pillows within the window frame, all by instinct, yoko laid on one of them.

Surprisingly, the feeling is magical and hard to explain. Yoko invited Tao to give a try by saying:”come, you can relax like a millionaire in this way!” Tao did it and laughed. “Why you laugh?” Yoko asked. “Because it works.” Tao replied.

Even though it is not so easy to explain, we still tried to figure out what makes it work.

The feeling of instant holiday might be somehow beyond our words, but we can show you the way of doing it, precisely and confidently.