The Chosen Wall: Studio Network Party

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Cai Kai is a new media artist but quite familiar with design, since he used to earn his life by doing “day job” in design companies. Now, with the other partners, he opened his own firm: Network Party.

The team works on visual art, participating in commercial event, art exhibition, music festival and public art. A working station was needed urgently for this brand new team. They rented an apartment in a residential area, 4 to 6 meters high, top floor, sloping ceiling, four arched windows facing a newly boomed commercial street. Except the pre-installed toilet, proving to be a little trouble afterwards, the place is basically a big box, no other divisions inside. Three blank walls are perfect for projection experiments and workshops. Countless possibilities could happen here. With an extremely low budget, we were asked to design the space.

Cai Kai’s family runs a plywood business. It equipped him somehow the experience of product scale, material, and budget control. We are good at architectural issues, like space and function. There started our cooperation. We worked on photos and plans, meanwhile tried to get their ideas better through questionnaire and interview. All these were done via Skype, QQ, and Gmail, yielding the final proposal. Cai Kai served as the representative of his team and on-site manager. His family did almost all the furniture works.