Nuts Balcony

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When we moved into our apartment in Milan, we were captured by the little balcony. It brought us fantastic view. However, the concrete floor surface was not in a good condition. We kept this in mind till we encountered a set of bed planks in IKEA.

It was in the discount corner, 8 euro, good price. Almost without thinking, we got it, for our balcony! It fitted well in size but still wouldn’t work well if nothing had filled the gaps.

Then some good news from Parco Lambro! That was a beautiful day in the autumn 2011, we found tons of nuts on the ground: hazel nuts, acorn, chestnuts, horse chestnuts. A little boy joined us happily for nuts gathering, wondering how we would use them—We use them for the balcony of course!

In the autumn of 2012, all the nuts went back to Parco Lambro.

Oh yes, we forgot to eat them!

various nuts
tea time!