Rooming a Space

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In the limited time of site survey, architects collect information by observing, taking notes, sketching, photographing, taking video, talking to locals etc.. When they are back in the office, they make sense out of them, giving birth to reports, diagrams and site models. By then, the whole team get a good understanding of the site especially by looking at the site model talking about the site, away from the site.

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Lamp A

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Our tiny apartment in Milan, 2012.

The second house we lived in Milan was a super tiny one, about just 20 m². Small as it was, everything had to go vertical: Washing machine on top of fridge; bed on top of a slab across bathroom and wardrobe, connected with the living room with a moveable wooden ladder; orange tile on top of bathroom, indicating you could sit there eating watermelon in summer; of course, you could lie or sit or put things on top of the wardrobe too.

Although it was so small, it had almost everything to support our life: except the fridge and the washing machine we talked before, there were a tiny balcony, a ceiling fan, an oven, a shower room, a bidet, and so on. We loved it.

It only lacked of a lamp.

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A Morning Greeting

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a morning greeting, 2012 | In this project, we tried to create a private living space in urban area by managing the balance between a friendly gesture to the city and a peaceful personal life: The deeper you walk in, the more you feel the existing of a “host”. This environment does not say “welcome” as a good place, but only says “hello” as a kind man.

Basket Bin

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14/03/2012 Someone left a coffee cup in the basket of tao's bicycle.
15/03/2012 We added a red plastic bag to attract more cups but got nothing at the end of the day.
16/03/2012 We tried a professional looking blue plastic bag, still nothing.
17/03/2012 We persuaded people by words, still doesn't work.
29/03/2012 We went back to blue-bag-only solution, and the bag was taken away by someone!
30/03/2012 And we finally got a coffee cup again!
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Basket bin, Milano, 2012

You Are Designed!

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Via Conte Rosso 36 is our home when we were studying in Milan. It was next to one of the main exhibition area of Salone di Mobile (Milan Design Week). The official guide map suggested people a walking path from metro/train station to the exhibition area. It passed right under our balcony.

But we didn’t know it until that day.

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